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The Mail Menu is where you can manage various functions of your mail services with DreamHost, including:

  • Creating/Editing/Deleting email addresses
  • Configuring your Webmail service
  • Creating/Editing MX records
  • Creating/Editing Announcement Lists
  • Creating/Editing Discussion Lists
  • Managing spam filters
  • Creating/Editing autoresponders

Manage Email

The Manage Email page is where you can add, edit, and delete email addresses. By clicking the Edit button to the right of any address, you can update passwords, disk limit quota, and configure the email as fully-hosted or as a forward-only address.

View the following article for further details:

Google Workspace

Google Workspace offers you the option to add Google Workspace to your domain. This switches your mail service to Google instead of DreamHost. It also allows you to use Google's services such as Drive, Calendar, and Hangouts. View the following article for further details:


On the Webmail page, you can see the current URL for Webmail and if it’s hosted with DreamHost.

If you have enabled Google Workspace, there is no webmail address since your email is now hosted at Google. Under the Enabled column, it will read Google Workspace.

If you click on the Edit button under the Actions column, you can edit the following:

01 mail menu.fw.png
Disable Webmail
Disables Webmail on your domain. Checking this box doesn't mean that you can't check your email at all – you'll still be able to use an email client or visit
Webmail Location
Use this field to customize the URL to use for Webmail. The default is webmail.

Custom MX

The Custom MX page is where you can edit the MX records for your domain. You can enter custom MX records, set up your email with Google Workspace, or simply keep your mail services with DreamHost.

To learn more about custom MX records, visit the following article:

Announce Lists

The Announcement Lists page provides the ability to create an Announcement List. This list allows you to send to hundreds or even thousands of subscribers without affecting your regular email’s SMTP quota.

For more information on the Announcement List feature, visit the following articles:


The Anti Spam page allows you to create filters to block incoming spam. This feature cannot be enabled on non-DreamHost mail services.

For more information, visit the following article:

Discussion Lists

The Discussion Lists page allows you to create a Discussion List where subscribers can contact each other through a single email. This is a great feature that also does not affect the regular SMTP quota.

For more information on creating a Discussion List, visit the following articles:

Message Filters

Custom filters can be added on the Message Filters page. This feature allows you to create very specific filters to control incoming email anyway you find necessary.

For further information, view the following page:

  • Of course, if your email client supports keyword filtering (most modern mail clients do allow this) then you can apply filters there as well. DreamHost filters operate on the server side so they will be applied before any local filtering done by your mail client software.
  • Forwarding only addresses (aliases) cannot process keyword filters (or junk mail filtering either).
  • If you also are using DreamHost’s Anti-spam filtering service, those filter are processed before any custom filters you enable in the panel.


On the Autoresponders page, you can create a custom autoresponder. When anyone sends you an email, they will then receive the reply from this autoresponder. This tool is useful in instances when you’re not available for an extended period of time (such as a vacation).

For more information, view the following article:

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