How To Setup DNS For Your Domains For DreamCompute


DNS is the technology that allows your domain to point to a specific IP address and allow the server listening on it to host your domain. There are several different types of records, but the most commonly used ones will be:

  • A - Used to link a domain or subdomain to an IPv4 address.
  • AAAA - Used to link a domain or subdomain to an IPv6 address.
  • CNAME - Used to link a domain or subdomain to another domain or subdomain.

For most purposes, you’ll only need to use A and AAAA records.

Find Your Public IP Address

Each DreamCompute instance in the US-East 2 cluster is assigned a public IPv4 and IPv6 address. To find these addresses, you can either go in the DreamCompute dashboard to the Instances page to see them listed in the “IP Address” column:


or you can see them on the command line with “nova”:

[user@localhost]$ nova list
| ID                                   | Name    | Status | Task State | Power State | Networks                                                    |
| 10a3b11b-dc2f-42a2-b5d8-84508a5156a5 | website | ACTIVE | -          | Running     | public=, 2607:f298:5:101d:f816:3eff:fe79:8c72 |

If you have multiple instances, you will have multiple public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and will need to track which ones host which websites or other services.

DreamHost Control Panel

  • Go to the Manage Domains page in the control panel.
  • If your domain is not yet listed here, click the “Add Hosting to a Domain / Sub-Domain” button near the top left of the page.
  • Scroll down to the “DNS Only” hosting section towards the bottom, and enter your domain. Click the “Host DNS only!” button. Wait a few minutes for processing.
  • Back on the Manage Domains page, click the “DNS” link directly under your domain name.
  • In the “Add a custom DNS record to YOURDOMAIN:” section, enter the A record for the domain or subdomain you wish to host, and the PTR record to be based on. For example, if you want “” then “Name” will be “cloud”, “Type” will be “A” and “Value” will be your public IPv4 address for your DreamCompute instance. Click “Add Record Now!”.

Repeat the last step as many times as needed to add additional A records for domains you wish to host on your instance.

Wait For DNS Propagation

The default TTL (time-to-live) for DreamHost name servers is 4 hours, and so any change to your DNS records should be updated nearly everywhere around the world in that time. If you will be making frequent changes to DNS, you can contact DreamHost support to have your TTL changed to 5 minutes instead.

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