How to sign up for a DreamHost account


This article explains how to sign up for a new DreamHost account. This article is for new customers that wish to open an account with their own personal details, payment information, and new hosting plan.

This article shows how to open an account with a hosting plan. This means you will pay for a server to host your website on. If you only want to buy the web site name (domain name), and are not ready to host the site on the Internet, view the following article instead:

Email only account

If you wish to create an Email only account (and not host your website online), view the following link instead.

Step 1 — Choose a hosting plan

DreamHost offers several hosting plans for you to host your website on. View the following link for a list of plans:

If you would like to host a WordPress site, view the following page instead that lists all WordPress hosting options:

After you've decided on the plan, click the Sign Up Now button under it to proceed with account creation.

Step 2 — Create a new account

After you've selected a plan you can proceed with creating your account. The steps are generally the same for all hosting plans, however an example of Starter Shared hosting is shown below for clarity.

Adding a Shared hosting account

  1. When you've decided on the plan you'd like to purchase, click the button under it to proceed. After clicking the button, you're taken to
    Signup flow
  2. Here you can enter a domain to purchase, transfer an existing domain, or click 'Choose a domain later' to skip the domain part.
  3. To the right, select the payment plan and your desired add-ons.
  4. Choose to pay with a credit card or PayPal. If you select PayPal, you're taken to its site to complete the purchase.
  5. Enter an email address. This will be the primary email you use to log into your DreamHost panel. You can also sign up using Google's 'Single Sign On' method. This allows you to use your Google email address to log in without using a password.

    Some browsers are enabled with default pop-up settings that disable pop-ups from displaying. If so, you must manually allow your browser to display pop-ups. The following links show how to do this with popular browsers.

    Signup flow
  6. Towards the bottom are a few options you can enable:
    • Pre-Install WordPress: Check this to automatically install WordPress on your new domain.
    • DreamShield Protection: This is a paid add-on that will scan your site for malicious software weekly.
    • DreamHost Email: This displays for Starter Shared plans only. It allows you to add a paid email plan onto your website hosting plan. (NOTE: All other plans offer email for free.)
    • G Suite: Adds G Suite to your domain. You can then use Google's suite of tools to manage your website and email.
    Signup flow
  7. When finished, click the Submit Order button at the bottom of the page.

If you have any further questions, please contact DreamHost technical support

Managing your account on the panel's Home page

If you signed up for a Shared account, your will see a Home page when logging into your panel. Here you can managed the major areas of your account. View the following article for further details.

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