Why is my email going to spam?


If you're seeing that sent or received emails especially within the same domain are landing in a spam folder, it may be due to your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) blacklisted IP address. DreamHost's spam filters are designed to mark email as spam when they originate from a blacklisted IP address.

The following provides steps you can take to determine if your IP address is on a blacklist.

Looking up your IP address

  1. Visit whatismyipaddress.com  to look up your current home IP address.
  2. Use the following sites to check if your IP address is on a blacklist:
  3. If your IP address is on a blacklist, contact your ISP (the company providing you with internet access) to determine any steps you can take in order to remove it.

What if my IP address is not on a blacklist?

If your IP address is not blacklisted, then please copy the headers of the message that ended up in your spam folder and paste it into a support ticket in your DreamHost panel. For more information on viewing email headers, see the following article:

Be sure to explain the issue you're experiencing so support can further assist you.

How to make your email look less like Spam

There are several things you can do when creating an email to make it appear less like Spam. The following articles give you a few ideas of what to do, or what to avoid when sending an email.

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