VPN overview


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be thought of as a private and encrypted network within a public network.

Common examples/uses include:

  • Accessing a company network while away from the office
  • Circumventing internet censorship
  • Protecting yourself on a public Wi-Fi network such as a coffee shop or airport

These are just a few basic examples of what VPNs can be used for. Creating a VPN can be a very complicated task depending on how you would like to implement the service.

VPNs and DreamHost

If you wish to create a VPN at DreamHost, the only option is to purchase a Dedicated Server or DreamCompute. Since you have sudo/root access on these types of servers, you can install any VPN software you like.

Please note that this would need to be completely custom-built by you. DreamHost support can not assist in any way with the configuration of your VPN.

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