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Is there a way to try out DreamHost services before signing up?

At this time there is no demo account to test out. However, DreamHost offers a 97 day money back guarantee for any credit card purchase on a shared web hosting plan. If you find DreamHost does not suit your needs, cancel within 97 days and get a full refund. View the Terms of Service for further details.

Does DreamHost provide host transfers?

DreamHost does not provide a website transferring service. Contact support if you require further assistance.

Will DreamHost place ads on my site?

No. It’s your web space for you to use as you like.

Can I host adult content?

As long as it’s legal in the United States.

Does DreamHost offer any special services for non-profits?

Yes. Please review the non-profit discount article for further details.

How do I cancel my account?

If you wish to cancel your account, please view the following article for instructions:

Does DreamHost offer a reseller plan?

No. But you can resell services as you like. View the Reselling article for details.

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