Anyone with an active DreamHost hosting plan can resell services to their clients. However, DreamHost does not offer a specific 'Reseller' plan.

Does DreamHost offer a resellers program?

If you have an active account with a hosting plan, you can resell services to clients. There are a few things to consider if you are looking into becoming a reseller:

  • You are solely responsible for managing your clients' accounts yourself.
  • There is no re-branding of DreamHost services allowed.
  • DreamHost does not bill your clients for you, as you are in charge of billing them directly for the services provided.
  • Customer and technical support for your clients must be provided by you.

As long as you are willing to handle these items yourself for your clients, you can successfully use your DreamHost panel to resell services to your clients.

How does reselling DreamHost services work?

All you need to do is add your customers' domains to your account, and then you can bill them directly for these services. You can even give them some limited access to your account to allow them to have some control over hosting settings. You can read more about this at:

If you would rather refer customers to DreamHost to sign up for their own accounts, you can take advantage of the Affiliate program and receive rewards for referring customers. More details about the Affiliate program can be found at:

Can I charge whatever I want to my customers as a reseller?

You have complete control over how much you decide to charge your clients as these billing details are between you and your clients directly. DreamHost only provides you with the hosting plan and services for which you must pay DreamHost. You must then handle the direct billing for your clients on your own.

How do I sign up to be a reseller?

You do not need to sign up for anything special to become a reseller. Simply set up your client’s domains in your panel for hosting services and then you can provide your services to your clients and bill them accordingly.

Do you offer control panel customization for resellers?

Unfortunately, DreamHost does not offer panel customization as there is very little demand for this feature.

Am I responsible for my clients' content/behavior on your servers?

    If any of your clients violate DreamHost’s Terms of Service, Anti-Spam Policy, or Unlimited Policy, this is considered just the same as if you had done so yourself. You are fully responsible for any of your client’s content and behavior when using DreamHost’s services. You can read more about these specific terms and policies at:

What restrictions are there to reselling?

You are allowed to resell your services as long as this does not violate any terms in the legal articles linked above.

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