Reporting false-positive spam email in MailChannels


There may be situations when email you send is returned back to you and marked as spam.

This is because DreamHost scans all outbound email for potential spam—and since it is not possible to disable this feature, you can instead mark the returned email as a "false positive" in order for it to successfully send from the DreamHost mail server.

The following instructions describe how to find information in the bounced email in order to mark it as a false-positive spam message.

Reporting false-positive spam email in MailChannels

See the following article for more information about various SMTP error codes and how to fix them:

A bounced message that DreamHost flags as spam is sent to you, which contains further information on how to handle a suspected spam message. Use the following steps to open the MailChannels dashboard in order to mark it as a false positive:

  1. Log into your email application and view your messages.
    A bounced message that DreamHost suspects is spam appears as follows:
  2. Click the link in the email to open the MailChannels dashboard. The above example shows the link, but the one you see may be different.
    An email status box opens in MailChannels:
  3. Click the Not Spam button to mark the message as a false-positive email.
  4. Click the Confirm button when the pop-up box appears, which confirms that the message wasn't spam and you're reporting it as a false positive.
    After you confirm it, the following success message appears:

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