Closing an account with a free domain registration

Closing because of COVID-19?

Please contact DreamHost support if you are considering canceling your account due to COVID-19. DreamHost is here to help and may be able to offer you payment deferral and other options during this time.


DreamHost provides Shared (Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited) and DreamPress customers on annual plans with one free domain registration credit for the first year.

If you are closing and have used a domain registration credit in the last year, the panel will ask you to pay for it before closing. This allows you to close the account while retaining control over your domain.

However, if the domain is set to expire in the panel, and the registration is within 30 days of expiring, you will NOT be billed for it.

This article shows how to close/cancel an account with a Shared hosting plan and free domain registration. If your DreamHost account has VPS services and/or Dedicated services without a Shared hosting plan, refer instead to the links in the See also section below.

Viewing your hosting plan(s) and services

You can view all of your hosting plans(s) and other services on the Manage Account page.

Closing/canceling your Shared hosting account with a free domain registration

  1. Navigate to the Manage Account page.
  2. In the top Overview section, click the Close Account button.
    Step 1: Review balance summary
  3. You can see that the first year was credited since this account was closed during the refund period. The only balance that remains is the domain registration. Use a payment method at the bottom to pay for your domain registration. When finished, click the Proceed to Next Step button.

    The domain registration is only free for the first year if you purchased a Shared (Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited) or DreamPress annual plan. If that annual plan is canceled in the first year, you must then pay for the domain registration which is yours to own. View the following article for further details.

    Step 2: Review product summary
    close account dom reg
  4. Your domain registrations are yours to own until they expire. When closing, you can choose to allow them to expire, or have DreamHost send you reminders to renew them before they expire. Select an option, then click the Proceed to Next Step button.
    Step 3: Finalize account closure
  5. On the final page, fill out the exit survey, confirm it, then click the Close Account Now button to close your account.
    A success message displays.
  6. After you close the account, a confirmation email is sent to the email address on file.

What happens to my Domain Registration(s) when I close my account?

DreamHost will not delete your domain registrations when you close your account. Any domain registrations previously purchased continue to remain active for the rest of their registration periods.

You can continue to log into your panel and manage your domain registrations as you did before.

Can I re-enable my account after I close it?

Yes. If you ever wish to come back, you can use the steps described in the following article to re-enable your account:

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