Payment and Abuse-related downtime issues


The following articles describe common Payment/Abuse-related issues that may cause site downtime and the steps to help get your site online again.

View the following article for a list of other causes your site may be down.

Suspended account due to non-payment

To check your account, log in to your panel. If your account is currently suspended due to non-payment, a large red "SUSPENDED" notice appears at the top of the screen. To fix, click the Make Payment button to pay which re-enables your account. The following occurs after you have made your payment.

  1. An automated email is sent to you.
  2. The system automatically re-enables your account.
  3. The DNS for your site must then propagate again online which may take several hours.

After that, your site resolves again.

There is a high risk of data loss when an account is suspended. DreamHost keeps a 2-week backup of website files and 5-days worth of database records. However, DreamHost cannot guarantee that these backups are available to you. To avoid data loss, make sure to continually backup your data:

Disabled site

In rare cases, DreamHost may disable your site. Log in via SSH or FTP and look at the directory name of your site. If you see the site directory has been renamed to indicate that the site has been disabled, please contact DreamHost support. In such a situation, an email is sent to you indicating what steps to take.

Temporary blocks

Repeat login attempts in a short period of time can be seen as an attempt to hack the user. In an effort to prevent security issues, DreamHost may block you to prevent potential malicious activity. Contact support if you believe this to be the case.

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