How do I edit my WordPress users?


The following describes how to edit your WordPress user in the WordPress admin dashboard in order to change your display name, email address, or personal preferences.

Editing your user in the WordPress dashboard

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin account.
  2. In the left pane, click Users > All users.
  3. From the list of all current usernames that appear, click the user you wish to edit.
  4. Make any changes to your WordPress user. See Profile sections below for a list of user options.
  5. Click Update Profile to save your changes.

Profile sections

The user options within the profile page are broken into the following sections:

Personal Options

  • Visual Editor: Check this box to disable the visual editor.
  • Syntax Highlighting: Check this box to disable syntax highlighting.
  • Admin Color Scheme: This changes the color scheme of the admin dashboard's UI.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Check this box to enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation.
  • Toolbar: Check this box to enable the admin toolbar when logged in and viewing the site.


  • Username: This lists the user's internal WordPress username, which cannot be changed after the user is created.
  • First Name and Last Name: These fields are optional, but can be filled in to associate the user with a specific person.
  • Nickname (required): Edit this field to specify a custom name for the user. If not filled in, it will default to the user's username.
  • Display name publicly as: Click the dropdown menu to choose what name option you wish WordPress to display to visitors for the user.

Contact Info

  • Email (required): Edit this field to change the email address associated with the user. If the user's email address is changed, the new address will be sent a confirmation email before it can become active.
  • Website: Edit this field to add a personal website to the user's profile.

About Yourself

  • Biographical Info: This field is optional, but can be filled out to add biographical information to the user's profile.
  • Profile Picture: The User's avatar can't be customized directly on this page, but can be edited via the Gravatar service.

Account Management

  • New Password: Click the Generate Password button to generate a new password for the user. See the following article for more information:
  • Sessions: Click the Log Out Everywhere Else button to end all sessions for the current user, excluding the current one.

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