Checking Dedicated Server usage


It's important to keep track of the amount of resources you're using on your Dedicated Server to avoid hitting any limits. There are two pages in the panel that allow you to see user and bandwidth statistics:

Disk usage

The Disk Usage page shows usage stats for 'Users', 'Domains', 'Email', and 'Databases'. The top of the page shows a general summary.

Bandwidth usage

The Bandwidth Usage page breaks down bandwidth by 'Machine', 'Domain', and 'User'.

Checking RAM usage in real time

The panel doesn't show RAM usage for your Dedicated Server. To view this information, you need to log into your server via SSH and run commands to check this information. View the following link for examples. Please note that even though the article is referencing a VPS machine, you can still use those commands on your Dedicated Server.

Create a server status script

You can also find the status of the server without having to wait at a terminal window by creating a script  that emails you this information. View the following article for details:

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