Accessing a database on a Dedicated server


With a Shared, VPS, or DreamPress hosting plan, all MySQL databases are on a separate MySQL machine. On a Dedicated server, all MySQL databases are stored locally on the same machine. This gives you full root access to modify your MySQL databases as you need.

Managing your database

You can manage your databases in the DreamHost panel just like any other hosting plan. If you are an advanced user with knowledge of the UNIX Shell and would like to perform customizations beyond what the panel can offer, you must use a Shell user to log into the server. View the following category for articles on how to create a Shell user and log into your server.

Please note that DreamHost support is not able to assist with any type of customization or modifications to the MySQL server. 

Upgrading to a Dedicated server

When you're on a shared or VPS plan, your MySQL databases are on a shared MySQL server.

When you upgrade, DreamHost moves all of your MySQL services to your new Dedicated server.

The MySQL service moves even if the 'don't move data' option is selected.

Downgrading from Dedicated to Shared Hosting

If you cancel the Dedicated server, your MySQL services will migrate back to a shared MySQL server.

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