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If you find yourself in a situation that requires changes to your site, and your developer isn't available to help, DreamHost's skilled support team may be able to assist you for a small fee. You can find more information about supported services and associated costs in the DreamHost Professional Services article.


It is sometimes necessary to update the version of PHP on your website. This is often due to a version no longer being supported by php.net and to ensure your website remains secure. View the links below for information on what PHP versions are currently available at DreamHost and how to update the version of your site:

This article explains how to check the code of your site and determine if it's compatible with the newer versions of PHP.

How do I know if my type of website is compatible with the latest PHP versions?

It's important to keep your website updated so it can function with the latest updates to PHP. Log into the dashboard of your website to check the version. Then, visit the official website to confirm which versions of PHP are compatible with it.

Custom site built by a developer

The most common issue with custom sites is outdated code. For example, your site may be using deprecated functions that the newer version of PHP no longer supports. In this case, the site will continue to function, but you may see PHP warnings.

If the function has been removed from the newer versions of PHP, your site may not function. You can search for the function at php.net. Its page will confirm which versions of PHP still support it.

Please bear in mind that DreamHost support is unable to rewrite your code for you, but they are available for any questions you may have.

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