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Live Chat is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's also available in Spanish. View the following article for more information:

When contacting support, DreamHost's goal is for you to have as close to 0 wait time as possible - within a few minutes via Live Chat. However, a technician may not be immediately available to respond – please be patient as DreamHost support works to address your issue.

Not all issues can be resolved promptly via chat. If, during your chat, your issue requires further investigation, the technician will instruct you to open a ticket (email) so that support may investigate your issue further.

Requesting sensitive information

DreamHost support cannot provide any sensitive account information via the Live Chat system for security reasons. It can only email requested sensitive information to the address listed as the primary email on your account.

Requesting Live Chat

If you cannot access your account, the only way to contact support is to use the online contact form:

From the dropdown, choose the option I can't log in to my DreamHost account.

  1. Click the Contact Support link or the blue conversation button in the bottom-right corner of the panel. DreamHost's self-service widget will launch.
  2. Enter your question along with any relevant details into the widget. You'll be presented with some potential solutions.
  3. Click the Contact support button if you cannot find a resolution to your issue via self-help. You will be directed to the Contact Support page.
    The Contact Support page's form
  4. Select a subject and your domain from the dropdowns. Your question from the self-help widget will be included under the description, which you can edit.
  5. Click the Chat with an agent now button when finished.
    The following dialog boxes appears when you click the Chat now button:
  6. Enter a message when a DreamHost agent enters the chat to begin your Live Chat conversation.

Viewing chat history

All chats are stored in your panel on the Contact Support page under 'Recent Messages' if you need to review past conversations. It may take up to an hour after your Live Chat conversation ends for the transcript to be added to 'Recent Messages'.

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