How do I create a Discussion List?

A discussion list is a useful service that provides:

  • The ability to create group conversations or discussions via email. When you send an email to the discussion list, it automatically sends that email out to each of the list's subscribers.
  • The ability for your visitors from across the world to communicate with each other about topics of mutual interest.
  • A simple way to communicate beyond the confines of the site itself, and also provides you with another way to keep people interested in what you have to say and offer.

In short, a discussion list is a common email address that is shared with list subscribers.

The following information pertains to email accounts hosted at DreamHost. If you use Google for email, you DO NOT have access to all of these features. For example, convenience addresses do NOT work if your email is hosted with Google or any other 3rd party mail provider.

Mailman version

DreamHost currently runs version 2.1.17 of Mailman. You can verify the version by logging into your list, and then checking the bottom of the admin page where the version number is listed.

How many emails can I send from a Discussion List?

There is no sending limit for Discussion Lists. View the following article for further details:

Creating a Discussion List

  1. Navigate to the (Panel > ‘Mail’ > ‘Discussion Lists’) page.
  2. Click the Create New Discussion List button at the top.
    The 'Creating Discussion List' page opens:
    01 Discussion List.fw.png
  3. Enter the following information about your discussion list.
    • List Name: Enter the name of your discussion list. For example, if your list is for dog owners, you can name it "doglovers" or something similar. This is also the first part of the list's email address, e.g., [email protected]
    • List Owner Email Addresses, one per line: Enter email addresses for the owners/admins of the list, who will then have full access to edit it within the panel. You can set multiple owners of the list if necessary.
    • List Password: Enter your chosen password for the list. Just like any password, you want this to be secure. Visit the Passwords overview article for details on how to create a secure password. Also, note that this password only applies to this list, and nothing else within your account.
    • Use an existing domain or Create a new sub-domain: You have the option of including a subdomain for your discussion. If you choose the first option, the subdomain automatically becomes ‘lists’. If you choose the second option, you can enter anything you like as the subdomain.
    The second field is a drop-down menu for you to select which domain you want the list to be created under.
    • Create Convenience Addresses: If you check this box, a series of additional email addresses are created specifically for your list. For example:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    • This option is checked by default and most often it’s a good idea to create these addresses.
    • These convenience addresses only function if you’re hosting email with DreamHost. If you’re using a third-party email host such as Google, convenience addresses will NOT function.
  4. Click the Create Discussion List Now! button to create the list.

    Since the subdomain is a new DNS record, it requires some time for the DNS to update online, and may take up to 6 hours. The list itself should only take about 30 minutes to create in your panel.

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