Create a garbage email address


A garbage email address is similar to a deleted or disabled email address in that it does not have an active mailbox to receive any messages into. The difference between the garbage email address and the deleted/disabled email address is that the messages sent to the garbage email address are deleted silently, whereas the deleted or disabled email addresses are rejected with a bounce notification sent to the sender.

When messages are sent to the garbage email address, the sender will not know that the message was deleted (which is what is meant by “deleted silently”), and the user of that garbage email address won’t see the message either since it will be deleted.

Creating a garbage address

  1. Visit the Manage Email page in your panel:
  2. Click the Create new Email Address button.
  3. Scroll down to the Garbage Email section.
    garbage email address
    Email Address
    To the left of the "@" symbol, enter your desired alias. To the right of the “@” symbol, select the domain or subdomain the user will be created under.
  4. Click the Create Garbage Account! button to activate the garbage email address.
    garbage email address
  5. The panel now shows that any email sent to the address is deleted without a bounce message.

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