How do I migrate my database to DreamHost?


When moving your hosting to DreamHost, it may be necessary to migrate your website’s database. This article describes how to transfer a MySQL database to your DreamHost account.

Creating a MySQL database in your panel

Before you can import a database, it must first be created in your panel. As a security precaution, a DreamHost database can only be created within the panel on the MySQL Databases page. It is not possible to create the database during import.

View the following article for details on how to create your database:

Importing your database

Importing with phpMyAdmin

If your SQL backup file is under 64 MB in size, it can be imported into your new database via phpMyAdmin. View the following article to import a backed up database through phpMyAdmin:

Importing using SSH

If it's 64 MB or more, (or if you encounter a timeout while importing) the only other option is to import it from the command line via SSH.


When migrating MySQL from one host to another, it's possible to test the new installation before modifying your domain's DNS entries.

To do this, please review the instructions in the following articles:

Pointing your DNS to DreamHost

When you have everything set up at DreamHost, it's time to update your DNS at your current host. You can either point your nameservers to DreamHost which points ALL of your DNS records, or you can just point specific A records. View the following articles for further details:

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