Change password (Website users)


You can create three different types of website users.

These users are used to log into the server to access your website files. This is different than the username you use to log into a CMS site running software such as WordPress. If you need to reset the password for that user, view the following article instead. 

You can reset the password for all types on the FTP Users & Files page.

Changing your website user's password

To change your user's password in the panel:

  1. Navigate to the FTP Users & Files page.
    manage users show info
  2. Click the 'Show Info' down arrow next to your hostname to open the settings box for the user.
  3. Click the Reset Password link.
    The following dialog box appears, prompting you to enter a password:
    If you wish to view the password, click the eye icon:
  4. Enter a password and click the Reset Password button to reset the password.

    If the password you entered is found in the haveibeenpwned database, the following message appears:


    You must enter a new password before proceeding. See Have I been pwned for more information.

  5. If necessary, enter a new password.
    The following progress bar appears:
    When the password is successfully updated, the following message appears:

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