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Do NOT use these steps if you simply wish to deactivate WordPress automatic updates, as these instructions will delete your content. See the following article if you wish to instead disable automatic updates for your WordPress site:

This article explains how to delete WordPress installed via the One-Click installer in the panel.

What is deleted from the server?

When you delete a One-Click install, several files could be deleted depending on where the install is located. Make sure to read through the examples below before removing your One-Click Install.

If your install is in the primary web directory

The primary web directory of your site is the directory the server looks for to serve files. View the 'How to add a domain' article. Step #4 shows where the web directory is located. You can also visit the One-Click Installs page.

Click Manage my Apps.

Manage my apps button

Next, click your website name. It will show a forward slash next to the One-Click icon.

In general, this directory is the name of your website. For example, if your site is named, your web directory would be /home/username/ also. This means that when you visit your site at, you're seeing the One-Click Install.

If this is where you've installed your One-Click, be very careful when deleting it in the panel. If you delete the One-Click stored in your primary web directory, ALL FILES in the web directory and all sub-directories are deleted. This means that if you have any subdirectories like or, those are also deleted.

Make sure to only use this option if you want everything deleted from your website and server including all other files under this web directory. If you need any of those files or sub-directories, make sure to back them up before removing the One-Click.

If your install is in a sub-directory

If your install is in a sub-directory such as, only the files within that sub-directory are deleted.

For example, if your site was, only files within that /blog sub-directory are deleted. However, the empty /blog directory will remain. No files are touched above this directory, so anything within the / directory remains.

Removing a One-Click Install application

  1. Navigate to the One-Click Installs page.
    The One-Click Installs page opens:
  2. Click the Manage Installed Applications button.
  3. Click the domain that’s using the One-Click Install to expand it.
    All One-Clicks installed under the domain are displayed.
    Remove install 03
  4. Click the Delete all Files button on the right side.
    Remove install 04
    A warning message appears after you click Delete all Files:
  5. Click Ok to confirm and wait for the uninstall to finish. A  'Success' message displays when the application is deleted:
    • After you uninstall the application, it no longer displays on your Manage Application page.
    • If it still appears in the list, click the Remove from List button.

How to delete the database

When you click Delete all Files, only the files on the web server are deleted. Your WordPress database remains in your panel. To delete your database, navigate to the MySQL Databases. To the right of your database, click the Delete DB button.

What if the Delete button does not display?

If you find the Delete button does not display in your panel next to your One-Click Install, contact support for further assistance.

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