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This article describes how to adjust the email storage limit on your mail server. For information about sending quota limits, view the following article:

When changing/removing disk limits (quotas), it will take about 15 minutes for the changes to be pushed to the live servers.

If your account reaches/exceeds its disk limit, and you've made a change via the panel, you may want to contact support through a ticket or by starting a “Chat Live” session (using the Chat Live button on any page of the panel) and request if support can expedite the change for you.

Adjusting disk usage

To adjust disk usage for email messages:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Email page.
  2. Locate an email address you wish to adjust.
  3. To the right of that address, click the Manage button.
  4. Scroll down to the Disk Usage section and adjust the slider to the desired usage limit.
  5. Click the Save Changes button to save your changes.

Users with paid email plans are not able to see the 'Disk Usage' slider.

General consideration of the email storage limit

Whenever you create a new email user account, you’re given the option to limit the total disk usage. By default, this is set to 1000 MB (1 GB). DreamHost recommends that if you do set a limit, raise that number if you're expecting to store/save a lot of mail through that new email address and leave it on DreamHost's servers (as opposed to downloading it off the server using a POP3 connection).

Total disk usage of 1000 MB (1 GB) is usually a good amount for regular mail, but when it comes to HTML mail and attachments, you'll quickly reach that limit which causes errors until it's changed. If you set a limit and then later you need to change it or remove it entirely, you can do so by editing the email address on the Manage Email page.

If an email account reaches/exceeds its disk limit, it displays errors and bounces incoming messages. If that happens, you'll need to increase/remove the disk limit in order to get it working again.

25GB is the maximum disk space that can be used per email address.

DreamHost mail servers allow incoming messages as large as 40MB, and a couple of large messages can easily fill your account very quickly if it has a very low disk limit. For more information on incoming message limitations, see the following article:

Backup up email messages

When you are reducing your email's disk usage, you may have old messages that you want to save. DreamHost recommends that you back up these messages locally on your computer. There are multiple backup methods you can use, but the easiest option is exporting the messages via your email client. See the following article for more information on backing up your email messages:

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