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To keep your email address tidy and functioning properly, it's important to delete old and outdated email from time to time.

Keeping your inbox size small as possible helps to improve your interaction with the webmail interface.

It also helps to avoid hitting your email quota limit.

How to delete email?

The 'Trash' and 'Spam' folders

DreamHost purges all spam and trash email messages older than 15 days. Please make sure you check your spam and trash messages within this time frame if you wish to save any email.

Log into your email client. This can be either webmail or any third-party client.

In general, you just need to highlight the emails you wish to delete, then press the Delete button on your keyboard. If you click Ctrl +A, all emails in a folder are highlighted.

Any email you deleted is sent to a Trash folder most often named 'Trash'. Open this folder and delete any email. Here are a few links to help you depending on which email client you're using:

Other folders

As stated above, the Trash and Spam folders older than 15 days are purged automatically. If you find your inbox is still hitting limits, check all of your folders. If you have a large amount of email in your Inbox or any other folder, it's highly recommended to back it up:

Once backed up, remove any email you no longer need.

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