How do I create a Subversion repository?

  1. Add the website to your panel as Fully Hosted. View the Adding a domain article for detailed steps.
  2. Wait until this domain resolves online which may take a few hours. View the DNS propagation article for details.
    Once the domain is resolving online, you can proceed with creating your repository.
  3. Navigate to the (Panel > 'Advanced' > 'Subversion') page.
  4. Update the following fields:
    • Project Name: Example name 'exampleProjectName'.
    • Project ID: Example ID 'exampleProjectID'.
    • Install to: Choose your domain, then click the blank text field to the right which auto-populates your Project ID.
    • Users: Using example user 'mysvnuser' and 'password12345'.
    • Visibility: Choose if you want this repo to be public or private.
    • HTTP/HTTPS: If you wish to use HTTPS, you must add an SSL Certificate.
  5. Click the Create my new project repository now! button to create the repository.
    A 'Success!' confirmation appears:

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