Change password (MySQL users)


The following describes how to update the password for a MySQL user.

Update your site's configuration file

When you change the database user password you must also change the config file for your website application. If you do not, your website will not load. The config file is different for each site. Common examples are listed below:

Software Config file name Config file location
Concrete CMS database.php application/config/
Joomla configuration.php In the site's main directory
MediaWiki Localsettings.php In the site's main directory
phpBB config.php In the site's main directory
WordPress wp-config.php In the site's main directory
Zen Cart configure.php includes/

You can update your site's config file by logging into the server via FTP or SSH.

Consult online documentation for your specific app for instructions on how to adjust this config file.

Changing your database password

  1. Navigate to the MySQL Databases page.
  2. To the right of your database, click your username.
  3. At the bottom of the page, enter your new password and save it.

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