Encrypting DreamObjects data


When you upload data to DreamObjects, it is unencrypted by default. Although the data is safe and secure within DreamObjects, there are a few options available to further protect it by encrypting it.

This article explains different ways you can ensure your data is encrypted within DreamObjects.

Server-Side encryption

Server-side encryption is when your data is encrypted as it is being written to the server. When you wish to access the data, it is then decrypted from the server. DreamHost does not currently support Server-Side encryption with DreamObjects.

Client-Side encryption

Client-Side encryption is when you encrypt data BEFORE uploading to the server. This means the data you upload is already encrypted as it's being written to the server. The following application supports client-side encryption:


SSE-C is available, however, this is an option only for advanced users. This is because it requires you to create your own encryption keys in order to upload/download content and encrypt data.

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