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What cloud services does DreamHost offer?

DreamHost offers two cloud products.

Does DreamHost offer a CDN service?

No, but DreamHost is partnered with Cloudflare. By enabling their services in your DreamHost panel, you can take advantage of the Cloudflare CDN.


Can DreamObjects backup my website?

DreamObjects itself is just a storage option. You must configure your site to backup data to DreamObjects. For example, you could use a WordPress plugin for this:

How do I upload data to DreamObjects?

View the following article for different options:

What clients can I use to access DreamObjects?

View the following link for a list of compatible clients:


What operating systems can I install on DreamCompute?

DreamHost offers several Linux distributions for you to install. These include CentOS, Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu. View the following article for a current list:

Is email included with DreamCompute?

Email hosting is included at no cost with any Shared, VPS, DreamPress, or Dedicated Hosting plan. Since DreamCompute/DreamObjects-only plans do not include email service, you can purchase an email add-on plan at a low cost.

Can I install Windows on DreamCompute?

Only Linux distributions are available when creating a DreamCompute instance.

Do I have root/sudo access on DreamCompute?

Yes. DreamCompute is a fully unmanaged option for you to customize as you like.

Can I host websites on DreamCompute?

Yes. View the following articles for further details:

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