Viewing tickets and DreamHost messages


You can view any ticket you previously sent DreamHost in your panel on the Contact Support page. On this page, look under the section titled Recent Messages.

You can also view your Support History by viewing the Support History page. This page also displays any messages DreamHost has sent you. This section displays the following:

  • Tickets you sent DreamHost
  • Ticket replies from DreamHost
  • Account messages sent from DreamHost

It's not possible to reply to tickets or messages in the DreamHost panel. If you need to respond to a message from DreamHost support, you must either reply to the email or submit a new ticket.

Viewing open tickets

If you have a ticket that support has not yet responded to, it will show at the top under 'Open Tickets'. You can click the Withdraw link to the right if you wish to close it. Otherwise, support will respond back to you shortly.

Viewing tickets you previously submitted

If you have previously submitted a ticket, a silhouette icon appears to the left. In this example, tickets titled 'phpMyAdmin Login' and 'Change nameservers?' were submitted. You can click these messages to view their contents.

Viewing DreamHost's replies

If DreamHost has already responded, you will see a moon icon to the left of a ticket starting with 'Re:'. In this example, the DreamHost response is titled 'Re: Change nameservers'. You can click this message to view its contents.

Viewing DreamHost's account messages

DreamHost sends you account messages when an event directly related to your account occurs. These message also display a moon icon to the left of the message.

In this example, DreamHost informed the user that 'Email Maintenance' was scheduled for their account.

Viewing account actions

Whenever you make a change to your account, the panel sends you a ticket confirming the action. In this example, WordPress was installed, so a message titled 'Success installing WordPress on your site!' appears.

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