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DreamHost does not support catch-all email addresses. Because these types of addresses do not reject any messages, domains with a catch-all attract an overwhelming volume of spam. This degrades the performance of the mail system for all customers and delays the delivery of legitimate messages.

What options do I have to create a Catch-All address?

DreamHost has partnered with Google to offer Google Workspace.

When you create a Google Workspace account, you create email addresses at Google. Using the Google Workspace panel, you can then create a Catch-All address.

How can I create an alias on my email address?

DreamHost email accounts allow the use of ‘disposable’ or ‘on-the-fly’ email address aliases, where you can instantly generate a unique email address based on an existing mailbox.

These kinds of aliases are useful for tracking whether a particular website has shared or leaked your contact information, or for proactively categorizing email signups at various websites.

To create a new on-the-fly alias, add a plus symbol (+) followed by any combination of letters and digits after your email username, before the @. For example:

Primary email:
New alias:
Another new alias:

Mail sent to any of these addresses will deliver to

There is no limit to the number of aliases you can create in this manner, and they require no setup ahead of time. This feature is already enabled on all DreamHost email accounts.

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