Choosing an editor


WordPress offers several different editors you can choose to edit your website. If you are using BoldGrid to create your site, the Post and Page Builder is recommended. This article gives you a quick overview of the following options.

You should not use multiple website builders, such as BoldGrid and Elementor, on the same site. If your site was built using one WordPress website builder and you want to change to another, you should first use a staging site instead of installing a new builder on the live site.

Editing a page

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard.
    customizing boldgrid
  2. Click the Inspirations tab in the left pane.
    customizing boldgrid
  3. Under Site Content, click the pencil icon to the right of the page you'd like to edit.
    customizing boldgrid
  4. At first, you are presented with the option to configure some settings. Click Okay, Let's Go!.
    customizing boldgrid
  5. Select the editor you wish to use. Your options are:
    • Post and Page Builder — This is the BoldGrid editor (Recommended)
    • WordPress Editor — This is the standard WordPress page editor found under 'Pages > All Pages'.
    • Classic Editor — Similar to the WordPress editor, but with more options displayed.
    • Default — Defaults to the Post and Page Builder.
    choose editor
  6. On the final step, click OKAY, GOT IT! to save your settings.

Choosing an editor

Post and Page Builder

As mentioned above, the Post and Page Builder is the BoldGrid default editor and is recommended due to its simplicity and easy access to tools.

customizing boldgrid

You can switch to a different editor by clicking the dropdown titled Post and Page Builder.

WordPress editor

Most options are hidden, but can be accessed by clicking on the different icons.

customizing boldgrid

Blocks can be added on the top left, further options are to the right.

customizing boldgrid

To change to a different editor, click the 3 dot icon on the top right. In the menu, under 'Plugins', you can switch to a different editor.

Classic editor

Similar to the WordPress editor, but with more options displayed by default.

customizing boldgrid

Click the Classic Editor dropdown at the top to switch editors.

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