BoldGrid overview


BoldGrid is a simple-to-use WordPress site builder. It uses a drag & drop editor, which allows you to quickly build and customize a professional website without the need for coding.

BoldGrid comes pre-configured with a list of mobile-friendly themes for you to choose from depending on your sites needs. Additional tools such as backups are available as well to ensure your data is safe.

Signing up for BoldGrid when opening a DreamHost account

View the following article to open a new DreamHost account.

Make sure you checked the box titled "WP Website Builder". This installs BoldGrid within your WordPress installation.

boldgrid checkbox

Resetting your password

After your account is created and WordPress is installed, you are emailed a link to reset your password. Click this link and either accept the current password (and write it down) or enter a new password for your WordPress login. See the following article for more information:

Creating a site using BoldGrid

  1. Log into your site at
    bold grid
  2. Click the Let's Get Started! button.
    bold grid
  3. Choose a theme. On the left, select a category for the type of site you wish to build. New themes display to the right.
  4. Hover over your selected theme, and then click the Select button.
    bold grid
  5. Make the following selections to customize your site layout and content:
    • Click the Change Content button at the top to select from different page presets.
    • Toggle the button under Add Functionality. This example enables a blog.
    • Click the icons at the bottom to display how your site would appear on different devices.
  6. Click the Next button.
    bold grid
  7. Enter your contact information. You can also click the checkbox titled 'Do not display' to the right of each field to hide it on your site.
  8. Click the Finish and Install button to install BoldGrid.
    bold grid
  9. Wait a few moments for BoldGrid to install. Once installed, you are taken to the 'Inspirations' tab in your WordPress dashboard where you can continue to customize your site.



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