Using the DreamHost Automated Migration WordPress plugin


DreamHost has partnered with the makers of BlogVault to provide DreamHost Automated Migration, a free WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily migrate your WordPress site to DreamHost. 

This article explains how to migrate your WordPress site using this plugin. The workflow in your DreamHost panel guides you through every step of this process.

Primary domains only

These instructions are ONLY used when migrating to a top level domain like

View the following article instead if you need to migrate to a temporary domain name such as or


The following steps must be configured before using the DreamHost Automated Migration Plugin.


Step 1 — Add your domain to a hosting plan

Make sure you have already signed up for a DreamHost account, added a hosting plan, and added your domain to that hosting plan. See the following articles for more information:

Step 2 — Install WordPress

Confirm that WordPress has been installed into your domain at DreamHost. If so, you will see the WordPress icon next to your domain on the Manage Websites page.

If WordPress is not installed, view the following article to install it before proceeding.

The WordPress directory

This plugin will only function if your WordPress installation is located in the primary website directory of your website. For example:


It will not function if WordPress is installed into a subdirectory:


If you need to install into a subdirectory, view the following article:

Step 3 — Update WordPress (in the old host website)

Make sure your WordPress site (at your old hosting company) is running on the most current version.

Then, install all available updates for your themes and plugins.

Migrating using the Automated Plugin

  1. Log into your panel.
  2. Navigate to the Manage Websites page and click the Manage button to open the Domain Settings page, which allows you to adjust various settings for your site.

    • If in Grid view, click the Manage button at the bottom of the website box.
    • If in List view, click the Manage button at the far right of your domain name.
  3. Under the Migration section, click the Get Started button.
    A new page opens.
  4. Click the Scan my Site button.
    Your site is scanned to determine which migration options are available.
  5. Click the See Migration Options button.
    A new page opens listing available migration options.
  6. Under the Automated option, click the Select button.
    A series of steps appear to guide you through migrating your WordPress site.

Checking the status

You can continue to check back on the migration status in your panel in the Migration section. Once the migration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email to the address you added in the guided steps above.


Can I use this plugin to migrate a WordPress multisite?

Yes. After installing the plugin, make sure to 'Network Activate' it to ensure it can run from the Network Admin dashboard. However, please note the following considerations:

  • The migration must move the whole network to DreamHost. It does not allow the migration of individual subsites, or the import of a subsite into a different network.
  • The recommended hosting plans for WordPress Multisite are VPS, Dedicated, or DreamCompute. Multisite installs on Shared and DreamPress plans are not recommended or supported.
  • DreamHost Support does not offer technical assistance with Multisite installs.

Are there any restrictions or limitations?

The plugin will work with the vast majority of WordPress sites, themes, plugins, and configurations. However, please note that you cannot migrate the following types of sites using this plugin:

  • WordPress sites set up at However, you can import the content of your pages, posts, and embedded images.
  • Sites built using Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, Joomla, or other site builders.
  • WordPress sites developed in local environments (e.g., ServerPress).
  • Your site must already be a WordPress site in order to migrate an exact copy of your site using this or any other plugin.

Are there size limits on the migration?

At this time, you can migrate a WordPress site of any size using this plugin. Please note the time to complete the migration increases for larger sites.

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