Using the DreamHost Automated Migration WordPress plugin


DreamHost has partnered with the makers of BlogVault to provide DreamHost Automated Migration, a free WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily migrate your WordPress site to DreamHost.

The DreamHost Automated Migration plugin works with most WordPress sites—if you believe you might have an unusual site configuration or web host, see the FAQs section at the end of the article for possible solutions.

Before you begin a migration

Be sure to do the following before you install the DreamHost Automated Migration plugin:

  • Test and install all available updates for WordPress, including all installed themes and plugins. Make sure your site has no errors or hacked code.
  • To avoid any downtime on your site, keep the domain's DNS pointed at your old host until the migration is complete and you’ve had a chance to look at the migrated site at DreamHost.

How to install the DreamHost Automated Migration plugin

 Step one: Finding your DreamHost account information

The following explains what information you need and where to find it in the DreamHost web panel.

  1. If you haven't already, Add Hosting to your domain in your DreamHost panel. You can add WordPress as a One-Click Install.
    • It's okay to do this while your domain is hosted at your old host. Adding hosting at DreamHost does not affect your current hosting. Your existing site will remain live for now.
    • If you are concerned about affecting your existing live site, you can add a temporary subdomain name ending with (for DreamPress sites), or for all other hosting plans. Please note that creating a temporary test site will create extra work at the end of the process since you'll have to update your database to the correct URL.
  2. Locate the following information about your DreamHost account:
    • FTP/SFTP User: Navigate to the Manage Domains page. Make a note of your user to the right of your domain (shown as 'User: name').
    • Host/Server Address: Click the user name to open the 'Editing User' page. Your server name is shown in parentheses next to your user name at the top (e.g., 'on servername'). Use the following server-address format depending on the type of hosting plan you have: 
      • Shared Hosting
      • DreamPress or VPS
      • Dedicated Server
    • FTP or SFTP: Ensure that your user type is either SFTP or SSH. If it's FTP, switch the user type to SFTP or SSH (which also provides SFTP).
    • FTP/SFTP Password: Set a password for this user and click Save Changes. Keep this information ready to enter in the next step.

Step two: Installing and activating the plugin

To install and activate the DreamHost Automated Migration plugin on the WordPress site at your old host:

  1. Open the WordPress Admin Dashboard for your site.
  2. Select 'Plugins > Add New' in the left horizontal navigation bar.
  3. Type 'DreamHost Automated Migration' in the search field box at the upper right.
  4. Click the Install Now button in the box when it appears.
  5. Click the Activate button.
    The 'Migrate Your Sites' settings page opens:
  6. Enter the following:
    • Email — An email address where you would like to receive notifications about migration status and completion.
    • Destination Site URL — The web address (Destination Site URL) for your site. Usually, this is the same address as your site on your current host. If you are using a DreamHost temporary subdomain ( or or if you will be changing your domain for your site, use that address instead. Make sure to enter 'https://' at the beginning of the web address if you plan to use an SSL certificate.
    • Type — Select sFTP. Recommended
    • Host/Server Address — The server address. See above for further details.
    • FTP/SFTP User — The user name. See above for further details.
    • FTP/SFTP Password — The password. See above for further details.
    • Review and agree (by clicking the checkbox) to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy if you agree and wish to continue.
  7. Click the Migrate button when finished.
  8. Bookmark the URL to check your migration's progress and close the browser tab or window while it is running.

Most migrations take under an hour to complete, but if your site is larger than a couple GBs of data, it could take more than an hour. Once it completes, you will receive a notification email to the address you entered during the step above.

Checking your migrated site and making it live on DreamHost

If your domain is the same at DreamHost and the old host

Add '' to the end of your domain to view the migrated site on DreamHost. For example, if your domain is '', view your migrated site at ''.

Once you are satisfied with the migrated site, change your domain's DNS to point to DreamHost.

If you chose a different domain name at DreamHost from the old host

You can use a different domain name to view your site at DreamHost while the current site remains live. Make sure any new domain name you chose is already using DreamHost DNS records.

If you are using a temporary subdomain name ending in or

You can use the temporary subdomain name to immediately view the migrated site.

  • DreamPress domains: when you are ready to make your site live at DreamHost using your real domain, follow these instructions to rename your domain.
  • All other hosting plans: when you are ready to make your site live on DreamHost using your real domain name, follow these instructions to rename your domain.


Can I use this plugin to migrate a WordPress multisite?

Yes, the Migrate to DreamHost plugin allows the migration of a WordPress network or Multisite install. After installing the plugin, make sure to 'Network Activate' it to ensure it can run from the Network Admin dashboard. However, please note the following considerations:

  • The migration must move the whole network to DreamHost. It does not allow the migration of individual subsites, or the import of a subsite into a different network.
  • The recommended hosting plans for WordPress Multisite are a DreamHost VPS, Dedicated, or DreamCompute. Multisite installs on Shared and DreamPress plans are not recommended or supported.
  • DreamHost Support does not offer technical assistance with Multisite installs.

Are there any restrictions or limitations?

The plugin will work with the vast majority of WordPress sites, themes, plugins, and configurations.

However, please note that WordPress sites set up at cannot be migrated using this or any other plugin as an exact copy of the original site to any other host. You can, however, import the content of your pages, posts, and embedded images using the instructions found on this page.

Your site must already be a WordPress site in order to migrate an exact copy of your site using this or any other plugin. This means that the Migrate to DreamHost plugin cannot be used to migrate other types of sites, such as those built using Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, Joomla, or other site builders.

At this time, you can migrate a WordPress site of any size using this plugin. Please note the time to complete the migration increases for larger sites.

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