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If you are having trouble migrating a WordPress site from another host yourself or just don't have the time, DreamHost currently offers a service that takes care of that for you: for just $99 and in less than 48 hours, DreamHost will move your WordPress site without any downtime. Please take a look at the Terms of Service (TOS) for further details about the process. If you want DreamHost to move forward with migrating your site, please submit a ticket with the domain name you wish to migrate and also include the following statement:

I agree to the WordPress migrations TOS and the $99 charge.

DreamHost will pass your ticket it to the capable hands of the Professional Services team to get you started.

If you do not have a DreamHost account yet

If you currently do not have a DreamHost account, you can sign up at WordPress Hosting.

During the signup process, request that a WordPress site be installed, then the option for the migration service will display allowing you to request it during signup.

Migrating a WordPress site is different from migrating a simple HTML website because WordPress sites depend on both web files as well as a MySQL database to run. This overview explains your options depending on the type of migration you need.

Migrating a WordPress site from a different host

If you are migrating a WordPress site from a different hosting company (host), there are many different options available to you. Here are some of the more popular methods from which you can choose:

Each method’s steps may change depending on whether you are keeping the same domain name (aka your URL) or you are changing to a new one.

Keeping the same domain name

If you are keeping the same domain name and you want to minimize downtime on the current site while you are migrating, you might benefit from setting up a mirror of your DreamHost site using a temporary .dreamhosters.com subdomain:

Changing the domain name

If you are changing your WordPress site to a new domain name when you move to DreamHost, you could use a plugin. Many plugins help you make that change automatically, though each plugin handles it in its own way.

If you choose not to use a plugin and migrate manually using FTP and phpMyAdmin, you must manually update your migrated site to the new domain name. After you complete the five steps in the Migrating Manually instructions, the following guide’s steps 5 through 7 help you rename your WordPress site manually:

Migrating a WordPress site between domains on your DreamHost account

If you wish to keep a WordPress site’s content but change its domain name to a new one, not only will you need to make changes in your DreamHost account, you must also make changes in your WP Admin Dashboard. The following guide explains one method to make sure your content fully changes to the new domain name:

DreamPress option to migrate your site to a new domain

If you are having trouble migrating a WordPress site using the above instructions or you would like a quicker way, you can upgrade your new domain to DreamPress, which offers an Import option. DreamPress is DreamHost's Managed WordPress hosting. It's a scalable service that allows users to manage their WordPress sites with simple pricing and added benefits of server robustness, caching, and memory.

If your current WordPress site was installed and managed by DreamHost's One-Click Installer, you can set up DreamPress on the new domain name and import the content of the current WordPress site into the new DreamPress domain. You can add DreamPress on a new domain on your DreamHost panel at DreamPress. Please see the following guide for how to import content in DreamPress:

If your current WordPress site is not managed by the One-Click Installer, you can submit a ticket to request your site be converted to a One-Click Install.

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