Troubleshooting SSH login errors


It's possible errors may prevent you from logging in via SSH to your instance. Below are some common errors.

Permission denied (publickey)

This error occurs most often because you are not specifying the correct private key when connecting. Remember, you can only have one Key pair per instance. Make sure to check your DreamCompute dashboard to confirm you're using the correct private key.

How to locate the correct Key pair

You can find the correct Key pair name in your dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the DreamCompute page.
  2. Click the 'View Dashboard' button.
  3. On the left, click 'Compute'.
  4. From the dropdown select Instances. Your instances are listed.
  5. To the right of your instance, look under the column titled Key Pair. This is the name of the Key pair assigned to this specific instance. YOU MUST USE THIS KEY PAIR WHEN CONNECTING.

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