Changing the name of a DreamPress domain


This article explains how to change the name of your DreamPress site to a different domain name. These instructions can be used for a regular domain name like or a DreamPress temporary domain like

Make sure the domain you're changing the name to is already set as DNS Only. You can then use the domain name changer in the panel.

You can use the domain name changer in the DreamPress dashboard to change any temporary domain, not just subdomains.

Preparing your domain for migration

Staging sites and backups will be deleted

Renaming a WordPress site hosted on DreamPress will delete any previously-created staging sites and any backups. Use caution before proceeding!

Confirm the following for the domain you are moving TO. If any of the following items are not configured, your site will not connect after it's moved.

Remove hosting

The domain you move TO cannot be hosted. If it is, you must remove hosting for the domain before proceeding. You can do this by setting the domain as DNS Only. This is so the domain can safely be moved without breaking a live site.

Remove custom DNS

Make sure there are no Custom DNS A or CNAME records on the domain you are moving TO (if any exist that point to a different web host). If there are, delete the custom records. Other Custom DNS records are fine to leave in place.


Step 1 — Changing your domain

To change the DreamPress domain:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Websites page.
  2. Click the Manage button to open the Domain Settings page, which allows you to adjust various settings for your site.
    • If in Grid view, click the Manage button at the bottom of the website box.
    • If in List view, click the Manage button at the far right of your domain name.
  3. Click the Website tab at the top.
  4. Scroll down to the Domain section. Here, you have two options to change the name:

    Choose an Existing Domain

    This option allows you to choose from a domain you've already added to your panel. A warning appears, notifying you that any previous backups and database hostnames of this domain will be removed.

    Enter a New Domain

    This option allows you to enter a domain registration you already own. The panel will then add it for you.
  5. Click the Change Domain button.
    It takes 4-6 hours for the DNS to update for your new domain at DreamHost.

Step 2 — Waiting for your DreamHost DNS to update

As stated above, it can take 4-6 hours for the DNS to update at DreamHost. If you point your DNS at your current host to DreamHost before the DNS has updated on DreamHost's servers, the site will not connect.

It's recommended that you wait 4-6 hours before updating your DNS at your current host.

Step 3 — Updating your DNS at your current host

Finally, log into your current registrar and point your DNS to DreamHost. After the DNS propagates, your site will be hosted with DreamPress.

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