Viewing DreamHost email if MX records are not pointed to DreamHost


This article should only be used if your email WAS hosted at DreamHost but was recently moved to another host. These instructions explain how to view your old email at DreamHost.

If you are hosting your DNS at another company and want to BEGIN hosting email at DreamHost, view the following article instead:

When you switch a domain's mail service away from DreamHost, your DreamHost-hosted mail accounts will still remain active but stored emails may not be retained. Be sure to back up all of your stored emails before switching.

Review the backing up emails article for further instructions.


Webmail can be used to log in to your DreamHost mail accounts. To connect, use the address

Email clients

For POP3 access and/or to set up a mail client program to download emails to your computer, the server name no longer works. View the following article for instructions on how to locate your mail server name.

While some hosts allow you to use the mail server IP address instead of the mail server name, DreamHost does not support mail connections via IP address.

Can I use multiple mail services?

No. It is not possible to use multiple mail services under the same domain.

Once you’ve pointed your domain’s MX records to another service, you will no longer receive emails to any DreamHost-hosted mail accounts, and messages sent to mail accounts that you have not recreated at your new mail service will be bounced as undeliverable.

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