Suspended and disabled accounts


If your account shows ‘Suspended’ or ‘Disabled’ in your panel, this means that the account is not currently active.

Why does my account show as Suspended in my panel?

If your account shows that it is suspended, this usually means that there is an unpaid balance. Your panel shows the amount due, the date of the suspension, and also provides you with a link to make a payment for this due balance.

Your panel shows the following banner across each page:


In these cases, the account was suspended for an unpaid balance. This restricts your panel access and takes all of your services offline. To reactivate your services and panel, you must make a payment for the past due balance on the Make Payment page.

If your account has been suspended for any length of time, it is possible that data may already have been deleted from the servers as a part of the suspension process.

How long until the account is re-enabled after making a payment?

After you make a payment, your account should automatically be re-enabled within an hour. If you find it's still not accessible after 2 hours, contact support.

Why does my account show as Disabled in my panel?

If your account has been disabled, you must contact support team on your Contact Support page for more information on why the account was disabled.

If you do not have access to log into your panel, contact DreamHost support using the following contact form:

For security reasons, DreamHost cannot provide information regarding disabled accounts to anyone other than the account owner.

If your account has been disabled, the following banner appears across the top of each page in your panel:


Both disabled and suspended accounts are at risk for data loss due to deactivation of hosting services. If you see this notice, it's highly advised that you contact support as soon as possible for further information to avoid data loss.

How long do I have to reinstate my account?

There is no time limit, however, DreamHost servers only keep 2 weeks of backups and these backups are not guaranteed. So, if you re-instate your plan after this 2 week period, all data would have been deleted.

It is highly advised that you always keep local backups of your site contents just in case a DreamHost backup is not available.

Is there a grace period?

DreamHost offers a 60-day grace period before suspending an account due to non-payment. This 60 day period begins when the oldest unpaid charge was billed. 

How to close your account

To close your DreamHost account, view the following article:

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