Adding a Shared hosting plan to your domain-only account


Purchasing and registering a domain is an important first step in setting up your account at DreamHost. In order to make your website viewable on the Internet, you must then set up a hosting plan for your domain.

This article walks you through the simple steps of adding a Shared plan to your domain by using your DreamHost panel. You can also add WordPress, email, and a certificate to your domain, which are also described below.

You can add all of your websites t a single Shared Hosting plan.

Adding a Shared Hosting plan

  1. Navigate to the Manage Account page.
    Add hosting plan
  2. Under the section titled Active Plans, click the Add A Hosting Plan link.
    Add hosting plan
    Choose the Shared Starter or Shared Unlimited plan. Several payment options appear for each, which allow you to choose how often you are billed for your hosting plan:
  3. Select a billing plan and click the Add Plan button.
  4. When your hosting plan is added, proceed with adding your domain to the hosting plan. View the following article for instructions on how to add your site to the hosting plan:

Adding WordPress with the DreamHost WordPress installer

The DreamHost WordPress installer is a simple way to install WordPress on your site with just a few clicks. View the following article for instructions:

Creating an email address

After you've added a hosting plan, you can add email addresses to your domain. View the following article for instructions on how to add email:

Installing an SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt

Having a secure website is critical today, and you can accomplish that by adding an SSL certificate to your domain. An SSL certificate helps to ensure your visitor's data remains secure and even potentially helps with search rankings. DreamHost offers several types of SSL certificates. View the following articles for further details:

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