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How much does a domain registration cost?

The cost of each domain extension can be found on the Domain Registration Terms page.

Some registrars only offer discounted prices if you register multiple domains at once, or register domains for several years in advance. However, DreamHost does not have any bulk requirements for domain registrations. So, even if you register just a single domain for only one year, you won’t pay any more than the listed price.

If you add an annual Shared Starter, Shared Unlimited, or any annual DreamPress plan to your account, you are also provided with a free credit that you can use toward qualifying TLDs for the first year of hosting. View the following article for a list of domains this applies to:

You can read more about this at:

You can also search a complete list of domain extensions with pricing that DreamHost offers at:

When do I pay for a domain registration?

If a registration renewal price increases after you receive a renewal notice, DreamHost will honor the quoted rate in the notice.

All purchases of a domain registration require immediate payment. Manual renewals also require immediate payment. For domain registrations set to autorenew, payment is automatically applied to your AutoPay card on file 31 days before domain expiration.

How can I pay for a domain registration?

Renewals and new domain registrations can only be processed via a major credit card or through the use of a credit balance on the account.

That said, you can prepay to your account using Paypal or a check sent in advanced so that the account is left with a credit balance.

Can domain registrations be refunded?

Registrations are generally non-refundable. However, some TLDs can possibly be refunded within 5 days of the registration date. Please submit a support ticket to inquire if the domain registration is available for a refund.

WIll I be alerted when payment is due?

Yes. DreamHost sends notifications to the email address you registered when creating your account. Only the primary account email address will receive the notices so if you have created privileged users on your DreamHost account, they will not receive any notices even if they have access to billing.

Can I sell my domain name?

You own the rights to your domain, so you can sell it to anyone you like. Once you have a buyer who is willing to purchase your domain, transferring ownership is as simple as transferring the registration to the buyer's registrar. View the following article for instructions on how to transfer your domain name:

Are there any bulk discounts if I purchase multiple domains?

There are currently no bulk-discount options. All domains must be purchased at their specific rate. You can view a full pricing list here:

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