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The following guide walks you through the most commonly used features to help get your site online as fast as possible.

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To upgrade your WordPress site to DreamPress, please visit the following article:


Step 1 — Using the Manage Websites page

If you're new to WordPress or DreamPress, DreamHost wants to make sure everything is easy to find. There are two separate locations to manage your website and DreamPress hosting experience:

  • The WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • The Manage Websites page

The WordPress Admin Dashboard

The WordPress Admin Dashboard (wp-admin) is where you can add and edit content and features on your WordPress website.

The Manage Websites page

The Manage Websites page is where you can manage hosting details for your website, including new features like on-demand backups and a staging site. You can also access your DreamHost account for things like domain registrations (purchasing new domain names), billing, and additional services if you want more space or websites.

You can log in to your Manage Websites page by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Websites page.
  2. Click the Manage button to open the Domain Settings page, which allows you to adjust various settings for your site.
    • If in Grid view, click the Manage button at the bottom of the website box.
    • If in List view, click the Manage button at the far right of your domain name.

Step 2 — Creating a new site on WordPress

Are you building a new site from scratch on DreamPress? Are you new to WordPress? Here are some resources to help you get started:

WP Website Builder (BoldGrid)

Just for being a DreamPress customer, you are able to build your site quickly and easily using the 'WP Website Builder', powered by a FREE BoldGrid Premium license.

If you selected the WP Website Builder checkbox option when initially creating your DreamHost account, WordPress is automatically installed with BoldGrid. When logging into your WordPress dashboard, you will see the BoldGrid Inspirations page. If you need help, you can follow the "Creating your site with BoldGrid" step-by-step guide in the following article.

It's highly recommended you start using BoldGrid on a fresh WordPress install. If you have an existing site designed, you can request a reset of your DreamPress site to a blank installation using BoldGrid.

Contact Support to request a free install and premium license.

Learn more about WordPress

Here are some other guides to help you get familiar with WordPress:

Additional resources

Step 3 — Migrating to DreamPress

Step 4 — Setting up your domain

If you already registered for a new domain when you signed up, your domain name is already set up and working.

If you already own your domain name, here are the ways to make it live on DreamPress:

Still need a domain name for your site? Try DreamHost's Search Domain Names feature in your panel.

Step 5 — Using DreamPress features and performance tips

DreamPress includes many powerful features to enhance, speed up, and protect your website. Check out the following articles to learn how to take full advantage of your DreamPress service:

Step 6 — Setting up email

Did you know you can get personalized email addresses for your domain name at no cost with any DreamPress plan? You can provide professional and easy-to-remember email addresses that match your website instead of using a generic email address.

For more information, see the following articles:

Contacting support

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