Moving from a Dedicated hosting plan


This article describes the various ways you can upgrade or downgrade from a Dedicated Hosting plan.

Downgrading to Shared Starter

If you would like to downgrade from a Dedicated Server to a Shared Starter hosting plan, make sure you fall within the limitations described in the following article:

If you would like to proceed, contact support to request this.

Downgrading to shared or VPS plan

First, make sure you've added a shared or VPS hosting plan.

You can then delete the Dedicated Server.

When deleting, you will see a message informing you that everything on the Dedicated Server will be moved to the shared or VPS server.

If you have both a shared and VPS server on your account, only the VPS server will show as an option to move to when deleting your Dedicated Server.

If you would prefer to move to a shared server, contact support. DreamHost support will then move the data for you.

Moving to DreamPress

View the following article for instructions on how to move an existing WordPress site to DreamPress:

If you only had the single WordPress site on your Dedicated Server, you can then cancel it.

If you have other sites on the Dedicated Server, you must continue paying for that plan since only the single site would have been moved to DreamPress.

Moving to a different Dedicated Hosting plan

Contact support if you would like to move data from a Dedicated Server to a different Dedicated Server. Support will then move the data for you.

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