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Your DreamHost account security is extremely important. The following article covers how to respond if your account has been compromised, and steps you can take to keep your account secure.

Recovering your account

If you believe that your account has been compromised, you will need to reach out to the DreamHost Security team so that they can prevent any further damage and exploitation of your account.

  1. Navigate to the Contact Support page.
  2. Under the section labeled What do you need help with? select Abuse/Security from the Dropdown menu.
  3. Fill out the message field with as much information about the issue as you can.
  4. Click the Submit a ticket button to complete the process. The Security team will review your message and respond to you as soon as possible.

Keeping your account secure

The DreamHost Security team has several simple suggestions for keeping your account secure and safe. The following are some best practices:

Don’t share credentials

Do not share your passwords with anyone. If someone requires access to your account, try alternate options such as creating a new user for them or giving them panel access through Account Privileges. Refer to the guide linked below to learn how to set up Account Privileges:

Follow Password Guidelines

Please refer to the following article for DreamHost's guidelines on choosing secure passwords:

Enable Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication adds a requirement for a one-time passcode that you enter before you can gain access to your DreamHost account. DreamHost recommends enabling it to give you account an extra layer of security, should the password be compromised. Follow the steps in the link below to enable it:

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