How do I add or remove account privileges?

  1. Navigate to the (Panel > ‘Users’ > ‘Account Privileges’) page.
    01 Account privileges menu.fw.png
  2. Click the Account Privileges link.
    The Account Privileges page appears:
    02 Account privileges Create User.fw.png
  3. Click the Grant Privileges to a New Person button.
    The Granting privileges page appears:
    03 Account privileges Add Privileges.fw.png
  4. Enter the email address and name of the person you wish to give privileges to.

    You can also grant additional privileges on this page, including:

    • Billing info
    • Grant Privileges for other users
    • Manage Private Servers
  5. Select the additional privileges to which you wish grant access.
  6. At the bottom of the page, click the Set Privileges button to save your changes.
    When you submit the information, a confirmation email is sent to the new user which requests a password change:
    01 Account privileges original email.fw.png
    After you enable privileges for the new user, you can view a full listing of what you've allowed this user to access on your account:
    05 Account privileges Created.fw.png

Revoking account privileges

  1. Navigate to the (Panel > 'Users' > 'Account Privileges') page.
  2. Click the Revoke All Privileges for ‘username’ button.
    A pop-up confirmation box appears to confirm this action.
  3. Click OK to finish.

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