The Mailboxes interface


The 'mailboxes' interface is a single location where you can edit various details of your email address. If you use a DreamHost-hosted email address but do not have your own account, you can use this interface to manage your individual email settings without needing to access your account panel.

If you are a DreamHost account holder and do not want to use this interface, these settings can still be edited from your panel.

DreamHost purges all spam and trash email messages after 15 days. Please make sure you check your spam and trash messages within this time frame.

Logging in

In your browser, visit and enter your DreamHost email address credentials to log in.

In the past, it was possible to log in at (where is your site). This now redirects to

Check webmail or change password

After you log in, a page opens that allows you to either access Webmail or change your email password.

Email Client Configuration 

The Email Client Configuration page displays your mail servername. View the Email Client Configuration article for details.

Spam Settings

See the following article for more information:

Email Filters

See the following article for more information:


You can also create and edit an autoresponder.

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