Why was I charged?


You can find your complete billing history with detailed descriptions of the items you have been billed for and payments you have made on the View Invoices page.

If your charge does not show up on the View Invoices page, most often this means that you are paying for more than one DreamHost account. Please contact support on the Contact Support page for further assistance.

Who is DreamHost.com?

DreamHost is a leading web and application hosting provider with over 1,200,000 domain names hosted worldwide. DreamHost offers a wide spectrum of web hosting solutions including traditional Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting, and domain name registration.

I do not recognize this charge on my credit card. Could you tell me more about it?

If you don’t recognize the charge or recall purchasing a domain name or web hosting service, please contact DreamHost support for further assistance.

Who made this charge on the corporate credit card?

If this charge has appeared on a corporate credit card, it may have occurred as a result of working with a consultant. For example, if you hired a website designer to create and manage a site for you, he or she may have changed the hosting service’s fee directly to your company’s credit card. It’s also possible that a coworker may have purchased the hosting service for a project.

Please complete and submit the form here and a representative will be able to help you identify who authorized the charge on the credit card and which service was purchased.

Why was I charged on this date?

Depending on the service(s) that you signed up for, the timing of the initial charge could vary. The charge could occur immediately after you secure a domain name or after 30 days from activating a VPS or Dedicated Server account.

If you’ve authorized your credit card to be automatically rebilled, then you would be charged when your account is renewed. Depending on if you prepaid for one year or more, you would be charged on the appropriate anniversary of your account’s activation date.

Additionally, your account is automatically charged 31 days prior to the expiration date for domain registrations that are set to auto-renew in the DreamHost panel. View the article below for more information:

How can I request a copy of the itemized receipt?

You can view all invoices in your panel. View the Invoices article for details.

Why did my annual renewal fee change? Why is it higher?

If you prepaid for a one-year Shared Hosting plan and used a promotional code during the signup process, the initial charge was at a discounted rate. If you authorized your credit card to be automatically rebilled, then your account has likely been renewed at the full, non-discounted price.

How do I cancel the service and request a refund?

View the Closing your account overview article for details on how to cancel your account. Unfortunately, domain name registrations cannot be refunded per the Domain Registration Agreement.

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