Moving users and domains to a VPS


If you did not select the option to move your sites and users to the VPS when ordering, you can still move them at a later time.

Ensure your new VPS has enough room to migrate your user's content. When you purchase a new VPS, it can store from 30GB - 240GB. Check your Disk Usage page to confirm your users will fit on the new server.

This page can be accessed from the Manage Account page.

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Migrating your sites and users

When you add a second VPS, you won’t be able to automatically move data from an existing VPS to the new VPS. However, you can migrate your users and domains using these instructions after provisioning the VPS.

  1. Navigate to the Servers page.
  2. To the right of your VPS, click the Manage to open the VPS settings page.
  3. Under the Manage section, click the Transfer button.

Your users and domains are then migrated over to your chosen VPS.

Ensure the VPS has enough space to migrate all your users and domains. If there is insufficient space on the VPS, the migration fails, and you may be unable to log in.

You can confirm the space you need on the SFTP Users & Files page. View the value under the Usage column next to your username.

Moving specific domains from Shared to a VPS

You can only move all users (and their domains) or none. You cannot move a single user at a time to a VPS.

To move a single domain at a time from a shared server to a VPS, see the following article:

What happens to email?

Moving a website user and domain to a new server does not affect email. This is because email is on a completely different mail server. Your email will continue to function normally.

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