How do I add a forward only email address?


A forward-only email address is an email address that does not have an active mailbox. This is because this user’s primary function is to forward all email sent to it to another email user. The message will only be stored on the user that is set to receive the forwarded email.

DO NOT set an active email address to a forward-only address. This will delete all email previously saved under this address.

Creating a mail forward

  1. Visit the Manage Email page in your panel.
  2. Click the Create New Email Address button.
  3. Scroll down to the Forward Only section.
    Email setup6.fw.png
    Email Address
    To the left of the “@” symbol, enter your desired alias. To the right of the “@” symbol, select the domain or subdomain the user will be created under.
    List all email addresses to forward to, one per line
    Enter the email address or addresses you wish to have this user forward to. You can create up to 10 forwards per email address. Make sure you have each email address to forward to set up on its own line within the empty field.

    There are three mail hosting providers DreamHost does not allow forwarding to: Comcast, AOL, and Verizon. When attempting to set up a forward to either of these hosts, you will receive the following error message (in red):

    Email setup4.fw.png
  4. Click the Forward to These Addresses! button to create the forwarding.
    Email setup6.fw.png
    The columns in the screenshot above are for forward-only email addresses, which do not have an active mailbox. Because of this, these users are listed separately from the users that do have active mailboxes.

    Forward-only email addresses are email addresses that do not have an active mailbox because these users are meant to forward all emails sent to it to another email address.

Description of fields in the forward-only email page

Forwarding-Only Addresses: In this column, you will only see the email address of the forwarding user because there is no active mailbox to show any details for.

Forwards to: This column will show the email address of the user that will receive the messages sent to this forwarding user. You can add more than one if you’d like.

Actions: This column has two options for each user listed: Edit and Delete.

Edit: The edit button takes you to another page where you can make changes to your forward address.
Delete: Clicking this button deletes the user, but a pop-up window displays prompting you to verify this request first with the message:
Really delete (There is no email stored with it.)
Clicking “OK” will delete the user and the mailbox for that user. This will require a few minutes, but once this is done, you will no longer see that user listed on the Manage Email page for that domain.

Remove email forwarding

There are three options to remove email forwarding:

  • Change 'forwarding' to a fully hosted email or garbage email.
  • Disable 'forwarding'.
  • Delete the forward address.
  1. Visit the Manage Email page in your panel:
  2. To the right of the forward address are two buttons: 'Edit' and 'Delete'.
  3. Click either button depending on what you'd like to do with the address.

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