Cyberduck is an FTP, SFTP, and WebDav client as well as a cloud storage browser for Mac and Windows. You can use Cyberduck to connect to your DreamObjects account.

The following describes how to use Cyberduck to connect to your DreamObjects account.

This article shows the old DreamObjects cluster of '' in various screenshots. If you have a new DreamObjects account or have already migrated your data, your hostname should point to '' instead. Your data will continue to exist and function normally until October 1, 2018, after which the old cluster will be shut down.

Please review the following migration article for further details:

Connecting Cyberduck to DreamObjects

  1. Launch Cyberduck.
  2. Open Cyberduck and click the + button on the bottom left..
  3. From the dropdown, select 'Amazon S3'.
  4. Enter the following:
    • Nickname: Give your bookmark a name so you can remember what this connection is for.
    • Server Enter

      This article uses the new DreamObjects cluster of ''. If you have an older DreamObjects account and have not migrated your data yet, your hostname may need to point to ' instead. Please review the following migration article for further details.

    • Port 443
  5. Close the bookmark to save it.
  6. Double-click on your newly created bookmark and enter the Access Key and Secret Key for the DreamObjects user/buckets to which you wish to connect.
    • If you are using a Mac, the ‘Add to Keychain’ option appears. If you choose to save your credentials, you won’t be prompted to enter them again.
    Upon successful connection, your buckets appear listed as drives in the interface:

Managing DreamObjects data using Cyberduck

Cyberduck makes it very simple to manage your data. Once you’ve connected to DreamObjects, simply click and drag files and folders to and from Cyberduck.

When uploading or downloading files, a transfer window appears:

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